You want the absolute best for you best friend.

You’ve been experiencing so many emotions leading up to scheduling this appointment. Preparing to say goodbye to a beloved member of your family is heartbreaking. We’re glad you’ve found us so glad we can take over the difficult details, while you focus on your pet. Our role is first and foremost to make sure your pet feels loved and comfortable during their last hour. In addition, we’re there for you with a shoulder to lean on, a sympathetic ear, and a heartfelt hug when we leave to let you know you did everything right.

To help you prepare, here is a detailed look at what most appointments look like. We will, of course, modify as needed for your unique family.



Saying goodbye is so hard, but you’ll do whatever your pet needs. It helps to know what to expect.

At your appointment time, the Dr. Clare will arrive in a brick red Subaru Impreza to your home with a medical bag, wearing either scrubs or plain clothes (no white coat, because the coat often makes pets anxious). We start by sitting down to talk about your pet and get acquainted with them, reviewing the process, completing one sheet of paperwork, and collecting payment (a check made out to “Tranquility Vet” or you can prepay with credit card before your appointment).

Next, your pet will be given one or two sedative injections. If your pet has an appetite, we recommend having a tasty treat nearby for them to eat during this first injection. You can hold, pet, and talk to your pet while they are gradually falling asleep over about 10-15 minutes. Once your pet is fully sedated, and you are ready, the final medication will be administered. This takes your pet from a state of being unconscious to a very deep state of anesthesia which results in the brain function completely stopping and death. This second phase can take anywhere from seconds to 15+ minutes depending on where the injection is given and what diseases are affecting your pet. Dr. Clare will make sure that everything is proceeding normally and that your pet is passing peacefully.

After your pet has passed, we will create an oven hardening clay paw impression if you would like one. When you are ready, we will transport your pet to the car using a blankets either basket or stretcher. Your assistance is requested with carrying dogs over 30lbs (pets over 90lbs will require 2 helpers).

If you have decided to have your pet’s ashes returned to you, they will be delivered by USPS about a week after your appointment. An adult signature is required to receive the package. If you anticipate this being a problem at your home address, we can arrange to have the ashes go to your office or other location.



You’ve found the the perfect person to help them cross over with love and kindness.

To schedule an appointment, please call us at 202-559-9329 to speak with our support specialists. They can go over current availability, talk about your pets condition, and answer any questions you have. No question is to silly or too small - if it's bothering you, we want to know about it so we can help. This is a very difficult time and it’s ok to feel uncertain or overwhelmed. We’re here if you need anything. You can also email us at or submit an visit request online

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